Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dream house

I love the house from the Father of the Bride movies. Just something about it seemed so homey. I love that the garage is not showing from the front of the house. I hope when we move (in 5 years or so), that we can find a house with the garage on the side. I also like the symmetry of the house. I find it very aesthetically pleasing.

I found this beautiful house on the
Better Homes and Gardens website when I was just looking around on the internet.

The colonial style is considered one of the most popular in the history of the United States.

-- Usually two or three stories with high-pitched roof

-- One or more dormers

-- Massive chimney or chimneys

-- Narrow clapboard siding (sometimes brick)

-- Double-hung, multi-pane windows (usually in pairs) placed symmetrically on both sides of a central front door

-- Decorative crown over front door supported by pilasters or columns

Hm....wonder if I could find anything like this in the St. Louis area without paying a ton for it? Doubt it!

This was getting long, so I'm going to continue my house post in a future post.

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