Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My dress is in!

I posted about this on StlWed already, so sorry if you've already read this! Some people who read this aren't on StlWed. (Not many, but a few!) :-)

My mom got the call on Monday that my dress came in, well ahead of schedule. The store told us it would probably be closer to August. I went by today to try it on. My mom wasn't able to come since it's a bit of a drive for her and short notice, and I happen to have had some errands to run near my dress shop (Chesterfield).

I scheduled my first fitting appointment for mid-August. I asked the lady if we could wait because I'm still losing weight. I don't remember exactly what my ticker says, but I think I've lost about 35 pounds. I hope to reach my goal. If not, just getting fairly close would be good! :D

I don't want to post the pictures of my dress here, just in case FI sees this! Here's a random picture for you, though, so I don't post without a picture! What a classy cake topper! I cannot imagine putting that on my wedding cake...

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Julia said...

Me! I read your blog and I'm not on STL Wed. Congrats on your weight loss, Aimee. You go girl.