Monday, June 2, 2008

Remodeling our bathroom

We're thinking of remodeling the master bath a bit, to help with resale value. I'm not quite sure when we'll work on this. Probably not until after the wedding, as I have a feeling I'll feel like I need to be working on a project since I've been working on the wedding for over a year now!

The master bath has the standard large mirror over a fairly long counter. There is only one sink, although there is room for a double vanity. I have a corner garden tub and a standard shower. The floor is linoleum with a bad pattern. Even though the house is maybe 10 years old, the floor looks more dated than that. Plus, it has cracked in a few places, so it definitely needs to be replaced. I'd love to use tile, but think we'll go with a faux tile.

Apparently, they now make vinyl tiles that you can grout to make them look more like ceramic tile. Depending on the cost, I would prefer that over just vinyl tiles.

I think it would be funny to use this pattern because it is named Gibraltar, which is the name of my street. I think it's pricier than I'd like to spend, though.

I think it makes a bathroom look a lot more elegant with 2 framed mirrors in place of 1 large one, like in the picture below. We definitely want to make it a double vanity. We're not sure yet if we'll keep our current cabinets and just replace the counter and sinks, or buy a double vanity something like the one in the picture below. The only thing will be finding one that is the right length for our bathroom.

I would also like to replace the shower doors, depending on how much that costs. Right now we have the ones that are kind of frosted - nothing special.

If we could spend unlimited money (which obviously isn't going to happen), I think I would take out the garden tub and put a large square shower in the corner. There's a tub in the other bathroom upstairs. I think I've only used the tub two times (maybe only once, even) in the 2 years I've lived in my house. I personally think it would be nicer to have a large built in cabinet where the current shower is. It could be used for towels and other linens, as well as extra bath products. That would leave room in the small linen closet in the hallway for other things.

The other upstairs bath (which is a full bath) will also be getting a tiny remodel. We're going to put in a nicer floor and probably paint it as well. The first owner painted it a kind of creamish color. However, whatever technique she used didn't work on some areas. It looks fine in some places, but some places look like there is water damage! There's isn't, but we want to fix it. It will just be a neutral color, though.

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Julia said...

1. Yes you will need multiple projects after the wedding.

2. We used the vinyl tiles with grout and we LOVE it. They really do look just like ceramic if you get the nice ones. I have a ton of pictures in my bio...probably in March archives.

3. Love the ideas so far!