Monday, June 9, 2008

First dance song?

I figured I would ask for help from the knowledgeable ladies who read my blog. FI and I need to figure out our first dance song. We don't really have a song that's "our song." We need to decide asap since we are having a band. If they don't know the song, they will need time to learn it.

A lot of the ones I like are Sinatra and Buble songs. I like that style of music at a wedding reception. The band we are having plays a lot of this type of music already. Some of these might be kind of cheesy and used a lot, but I still like them. :-)

Some songs that I like:

  • The Luckiest (Ben Folds Five) - I always thought this song would make a different first dance song. I was surprised to find it on a website listing first dance songs.
  • At Last (Etta James)
  • The Way You Look Tonight (Sinatra)
  • Everything (Michael Buble)
  • Feeling Good (Buble)
  • Best Is Yet To Come (Sinatra or Buble)
  • It Had To Be You (Cheesy, probably...but I like those kind of oldie songs, as is evidenced by the Sinatra and Buble songs)
  • What A Wonderful World (Armstrong)
Any recommendations?


Mary said...

You can't go wrong with Sinatra. Everyone will recognize it and his songs are classics. That's just IMHO and ps-we danced to "Fly Me to the Moon."

kelly said...

forever-ben harper
by my side-ben harper
steady as we go- dave matthews
oh-dave matthews
almost any thing by donovon frankenreiter sp?

Rhonda said...

Our 1st dance song was The Luckiest, my SIL danced to At Last, and our slide show song was Everything... uh, yeah, I love all your choices :)