Saturday, June 7, 2008


Busy barely begins to explain what things are like this month (well, really every month!).

Last week, our last day of school (a 1/2 day for the kiddos) was Monday. We had a 1/2 work day Monday afternoon and a whole work day on Tuesday. Wednesday, I ran around to some errands - mall, try on my wedding dress, etc. Thursday and Friday I had professional development during the day. Last night, I went to see the SATC movie with my sister and my friend Anna. Today, I have 2 weddings. It's 6/7/08 - a very popular date this year. Sunday is the wedding show at West County Mall that I mentioned recently.

Over my (way too short) summer break, I have a lot of appointments. Not necessarily wedding appointments, but things like a hair cut, allergist appointment, etc. I have 4 consultations with brides during the week this month, as well as 4 consultations on a couple of Sundays. I have 5 more weddings this month still. That makes 7 weddings in June alone. Wowsa! I also have a 2.5 day training session for a committee I'm on at school.
As I mentioned in my earlier post, we have to make a decision about the invites ASAP because time's running out! We still have a LOT of wedding details to take care of, which is stressing me out. I do have a lot accomplished, which is good. However, it seems like the list of things to do is still insanely long.
I had a massage scheduled several times within the past month or so, but things keep coming up so I have to change it. I have one scheduled toward the end of this month. I can't wait! My neck and shoulders are ridiculously tight from stress. I tend to carry my stress there, which isn't good since I play harp, too.

Unfortunately, I haven't been sleeping well lately. I'm pretty sure it's due to stress. I fall asleep ok, but tend to wake up at least a couple of times a night, which leaves me extra tired in the morning. I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about this when I go see her this upcoming week. Hopefully she can help, because I can't take anything off my busy schedule!

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