Saturday, June 7, 2008


Originally, my talented sister (and MOH) was going to design our invites. We went to a free "class" at Archiver's a month or so ago. While we were there, we kind of priced the invites. I think we came out to a little less than $3 each. That doesn't count printing or time involved to design them.

If you remember, my sis designed our beautiful Save the Dates. The pattern on the Save the Date is from our table runners.

We were going to do something coordinating for the invites. However, my sister moved out a month or so ago. That makes it much harder to work on invites. Plus, we're kind of running out of time.

Someone on ordered from Alaun By Design. My favorite invite there is called The Dreamy Collection.

While they won't be as unique as we were originally planning, I think we're going to have to go ahead and order from somewhere. The main reason is lack of time. I think it would take a while to figure out our invites, print them (plus, the cost of ink or cost to have someone print them), cost to assemble, etc. My "To Do" list is a mile long, and I have a short summer break! The cost isn't that much more to have someone else take care of them, which would be really nice!

So, we definitely need to get moving on the invites. Apparently, that is my task for this weekend. Hopefully mom and I can talk about it while we're at the wedding show on Sunday!

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Abi said...

i posted and used Alaun By Design in Nebraska. We did the Princess one in silver and light blue. Everyone is raving about our invitations!!! You'll love them!