Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yeah for Y98!

A gal (Mary) on my bridal boards posted earlier today about a $1.99 a gallon promotion three radio stations in town were having. The first 100 cars got gas for $1.99 a gallon, plus a free car wash. I was listening to Y98 at 3:00 pm to find out where they were. It was my lucky day - they were in O'Fallon, MO!

I was already in my car and started to head that way. I called Donna right away since she lives out this way, too. She ended up being in line right behind me - numbers 56 and 57. I was able to get a little over 8 gallons of gas for slightly over $16! I saved about $16 on gas. Plus, I got a free car wash normally priced at $9.99. While it took a while, I saved $26 today!

This is kind of what it looked like. There were a TON of cars. The line of cars trying to turn left into the gas station was backed up to the next light. It was crazy. I feel bad for people who waited in line for a while and then were told they were too late.

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