Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another wedding problem to try to solve...

Since my FI is Chinese, we wanted to hang some paper lanterns at the reception. Plus, it will bring in some red color (a lucky color for the Chinese). I emailed the gal at WOW the other day asking how much it would be to hang the lanterns. It will be $15 each!! Goodness!

Since I have 25 lanterns (15 red and a pre-lit string of 10 white), that means it will cost $375 to hang all the lanterns. Not happening.

Now I have to see if I can find someone else to hang them for less, or I'm going to have to cut down the number of lanterns. :-( I obviously prefer the first option!

I emailed Exclusive Events to see how much they would charge. I'm thinking of having the ten white lit up around the dance floor (kind of like the picture below) with the red scattered around at different heights.

Any ideas? I'm not having a DOC. My mom's best friend was a DOC for a gal I went to school with, and it went great. However, I don't think Debbie's going to want to hang 25 lanterns....

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Julia said...

Do you have to light each one? Or do they already have lights in them?

I love the lantern look and have even seen some unlit that are very cute.

I'd ask some of your good friends to do it for a small fee, or you could get them a small gift afterwards or something. My mom and aunt did a bunch of prep work for me before the ceremony---even though our site would have done it. They wanted to. Maybe you can find a guest like that!