Sunday, April 6, 2008

Too busy

I've been severely lacking in my posting lately. Things have been really busy this past week, I guess. Although, that's pretty much how it always is. I had a wedding yesterday and 3 consultations with brides today. My 3rd consultation should be here shortly.

Next weekend is going to be kind of stinky. We have our Engaged Encounter. I'm looking forward to it, but just wish it were slightly less hours. We have to be in Belleville, IL by 9 AM (I think preferably closer to 9 AM) Saturday morning and it doesn't end until 6 PM Sunday (plus about an hour drive home). That means no time really to grocery shop, clean, do laundry, etc. Bummer!

I am making a cake tonight for a colleague's birthday. We each drawn names and then are responsible for getting a card and dessert for that person. I plan to take a picture of the cake(hopefully I won't forget!) and post it in the next few days.

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend in St. Louis!

So that I don't post without a picture, here's a picture of my favorite flowers - tulips!