Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today is our SIXTH snow day this year. We are now missing 1 full week of Spring Break (including the day after Easter) as well as tacking a day onto the end of the school year. Bummer! At least we still get 2 weeks and 1 day off - thank goodness for year-round school!

Here's what it looks like outside my house:

I live in the school district in which I teach, about 10 minutes from my school. I guess they're worried the weather is going to get bad during the day and it will be hard to get the kids home. A lot of school districts are off today as well. I will admit the sky looks pretty bad. We'll see what happens!

I'm going to try to work on cleaning a bit and maybe see if I can get a few things together for my vacation. It's kind of hard to pack this early, though, because I will need a lot of the things before I leave. However - not the warm weather clothing! I might work on digging out my capris and short sleeved shirts today and ironing them and digging my sandals out of my closet, too.

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