Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, the joy of cleaning!

This afternoon I've been cleaning some. My first task to tackle was the kitchen. I did quite a bit of picking up (went through mail we got while on vacation, went through the stack of random papers, etc.), washed the dishes that needed to be washed by hand, started a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and cleaned. I mean REALLY cleaned. I got up on top of the counter so I could dust the top of the cabinets and the fridge. Ew - it was dusty up there! I cleaned out the microwave. I cleaned the floor with my Swiffer Sweeper. In the near future, I plan to scrub the floor by hand. My last bit to do today is to go wipe the front of the dishwasher - I forgot to do it, but the floor is wet right now.

This is what I wore while cleaning (except not just black and white). I got out my nice pearls and everything!

My kitchen floor definitely needs to be replaced. The tile is peeling up in a few places and gets dirty extremely easily. Dirt shows too easily. This will be a project to think about doing sometime this year. It would need to be something that I could do (well, maybe moreso that FI and my dad could do). We won't want to hire anyone to do it.

Any recommendations on flooring? I want it to look nice, not show dirt so easily, be easy to clean, and not be too expensive!

My next plan is the living room. I need to put away a few things, dust, and vacuum. Not too bad.

I also have to figure out what I'm cooking tonight. Hm....


Anonymous said...

Linoleum is always inexpensive and easy to clean. Another option is DuraStone. My IL's recently installed it in their kitchen and they really like it. It's kinda middle of the road, between linoleum and ceramic tile.

Julia said...

I LOVE our new flooring. It's vinyl [or linoleum] but it looks exactly like ceramic tile. It sticks down to the floor and then you grout it, just like ceramic. Maybe that is what Kristal is talking about? I don't know the brand name.

Aimee said...

Julia - if you get a chance, can you maybe find out the name of what you used? I think I will look into the DuraStone that Kristal mentioned, too.

It's not an immediate project, though... :-)