Sunday, March 30, 2008


Lately all I seem to be thinking about is money! I make a decent amount as a teacher since I have my Masters degree + 15 more hours.

Unfortunately, with teaching, the raises are extremely small from year to year. The only way to get a decent raise (and it's not even decent compared to most companies) is to get another degree or take more classes. I only have 1 more "step" I can move up unless I go to get my PhD, which is NOT happening!

My side job (harp) is doing really well. However, I still keep thinking about money and how I wish I could make more.

My FI and I are only going to be able to live in my house for so long. We can live here with 1 kid, but not with 2. So...definitely within the next 10 years (hopefully!) we will need to upgrade to a bigger house. Well, that's definitely going to take money! Kids take money!

We would like to buy a bedroom set when FI moves in in the fall - bed, dresser, nightstands, etc.. Also, the master bedroom needs to be painted. The master bath and guest bath, as well as the kitchen, could use updated flooring. Ah!

I wish there were some way to make some more extra money. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of free time with playing harp on most Saturday afternoons.

I'm good at typing - does anyone know of any side jobs that involve typing? I'm fast, so I could get it done quickly.

I think I'm just stressing myself out too much! I just don't want to be one of the many people who are always in debt. I'm not in debt now (other than my mortgage) - thank goodness. FI has a bit of debt but hopes to have it paid off (other than student loans which are probably going to take forever to pay off) by the time we are married in October. We want to start the marriage out with no debt (other than the house and his student loans). I'm working on building up my savings even more so we can buy some of these things and complete some of these projects. I know they will help with the resale value of the house when the time comes for it.

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