Friday, August 15, 2008

So addictive!

I decided to check out Etsy after hearing raves about the site on StlWed. I just decided to look through the necklaces, and it took FOREVER! It was really hard narrowing it down. I ordered 4 for myself and 2 for my sister (to save until Christmas).

I like "funky" (for lack of a better term) necklaces, but I can't really put off that look. So, I chose ones that are a little more classic, but not too small or dainty. One of my new favorite colors is blue, so I chose 2 blue necklaces. The color of blue is different in each, though. Originally, I was going to get a necklace with a black pendant, but it was all sold out. So, I decided to choose 2 others that were clear so they could go with anything.

For me, from seller dote:

From seller mayerain:

From seller letitiah:

From seller Falsedesire:

For my sister, from seller crystalvibe:

For my sister, from seller nhubs:

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Maria said...

Great finds! I haven't bought anything from Etsy yet, but I've been tempted!