Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love shoes. I have WAY too many pairs, but that's ok. This post is dedicated to my wedding shoes. I've had them for a little while and forgot to post about them.

I wanted fairly traditional shoes for the wedding, but I didn't want white shoes. I wanted to get a pair I would actually wear again. Since there is some silver thread and light beading on my gown around the waist, we decided silver would look nice. These are Naturalizer, so they have a little extra padding in them compared to most heels. I also bought some foot petals to put in to help.

Next are my reception shoes. I love the photos of the bride showing her colored shoes and the groom showing his colored socks. (Still working on the socks - haven't seen any yet.) My FI is Taiwanese, and red is a lucky color to the Tiawanese, so I thought it would be fun to get some red shoes.

Since they're a wedge, they're comfier than heels that are that high. I'm probably going to bring a pair of flip flops along just in case I need them.


Maria said...

I love both pairs of shoes! I'm planning to bring a pair of green shoes with me to switch out for a few photos. :-)

Jamie said...

Both pairs are adorable! I'm having trouble with the socks, are they so hard to find?!

Sarah Danielle said...

those reception shoes are HOT! your going to be dancing all night long in those! great idea about the wedge!!

Aimee said...

Jamie - it seems like the socks should be easier to find! It isn't like I'm looking for a really odd color combo - just black and red! I saw some online, but they were more than I wanted to spend. I think they might have been wool, too, which wouldn't be good.

Anonymous said...

I love the red shoes!!!

Trisha said...

The shoes are awesome!
Can't wait to "shoot" them! haha

Those silver shoes are AWESOME. I wonder if they have them in black?!

Aimee said...

Trisha - they do make them in black. I have them. :-) It's fabric, not leather, though for the black ones. I'm pretty sure they're not at the Naturalizer store. I think we had to get them through Dillard's or through the Naturalizer website. I think the style name is Prissy.