Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting cakes...

I found the blog Cake Wrecks the other day. I was scrolling through some of the old posts and found some very interesting cakes!

This first one isn't the most interesting of the few I'm posting, but I just thought it was bad that this was from an upscale bakery! Apparently they lost the customer's order. So, they grabbed another cake, wiped off the writing (notice the smear marks), and then piped on this message. Why did they put quotation marks around the message? And what is that word - congraniation?

Um...what is this? When would naked babies riding carrots ever be appropriate to put on a cake?!

Seriously?! For a baby shower? Why isn't the mom wearing a hospital gown at least? Not that it would still be really appropriate, but at least it would be a little better!

This one is just creepy! Yes, it's a cake.
I added this to my Google Reader so I can see more cake wrecks!


Sarah Danielle said...

These are HORRIBLE!! LOL!

PS. Two months from today we'll be married ladies!! :)

Maria said...

I love that blog! They have some crazy stuff on there!

Aimee said...

Maria - I thought the blog was hilarious, too. One I definitely want to add to GR to see some more entries!

Sarah Danielle - I was looking at my calendar today and had the revelation of "Only 2 months!" Freaked me out a bit because my To Do list is miles long! I'm pretty sure Maria (who posted here earlier) has our same date, too!

Maria said...

Yay for the 2 month mark (8 weeks)! I can't believe it's so close. My To Do list is pretty long too.

a.j.g. said...

Okay, the "Push" cake is totally tacky, but would not be out of the question if the shower were for some of my closest girlfriends. We're a bit twisted and will do anything for a laugh :)