Friday, February 1, 2008

I hate being sick!!

Yesterday, I started feeling a little yucky. So, while my kiddos (students) were at recess, I asked the school nurse to take my temp. 98.1 Not a fever, she says. For me, that's slightly high - my temp is usually about 97.6. I was feeling a bit achy/shaky. By the time I got home 3 hours later, my temp had spiked up to 101.4!!! Yikes!! I took some Motrin and slept for a few hours. My temp went down to 99.4. Unfortunately, it's still at 99.4, which is almost 2 degrees high for me.

My throat is also pretty bad, and I'm coughing a lot. I sound horrible! Not so sure I'll be calling places today to get price quotes for wedding things!!

Thank goodness it's a snow day today so I don't have to go make sub plans. The worst thing is I am supposed to go to an Engaged Encounter this weekend. We have to be in Belleville (not exactly close to St. Charles) by 8:30 tomorrow morning! I looked at my sign-up and it says we will only get our money refunded if they can find another couple. Now, I'm sorry ....but that's BS. I cannot help it that I have a fever!! Do they want me to get everyone sick? Guess I can come and cough on all of them!! I'm going to be pretty ticked off if they won't just apply it to another weekend. It's not like I want to be sick, for goodness sakes! I'll let you know what they say...

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