Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The stress of wedding dress shopping...

Oh my! I didn't realize how stressful it is shopping for wedding dresses!! As I mentioned a few days ago, we went to Town and Country Bridal last week. It so far has my favorite dress. It was nice because there was only one other bride there trying on dreses. The lady I worked with was really helpful. She used the clips to try to make the dress fit as best she could so we could see how it looked.

On Saturday, we went to Clarice's. I know a lot of people absolutely love this store. My sister and I did not like it at all and won't go back. The store was insanely crowded when we got there. There was basically nowhere to stand. My appointment started about 15 minutes late. The girl that was helping me was not helpful at all. She only found 2 dresses for me to try on. In general, she didn't seem really thrilled to be helping us. She didn't try to clip the dress at all so we could see how it would really look. I had to hold the strapless dresses up so they wouldn't fall down (since they wouldn't zip up all the way). Not a good experience at all. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

We went to Galleria next to look at bridesmaid dresses at Ann Taylor. We found a dress we both liked.
Very cute! It will be in black. It ties in the back with a cute bow. We're thinking of getting open-toed heels to wear with it. I wanted to find a dress she could wear again. This dress could be worn on a cruise, to a nice dinner, etc.
We were leaving Galleria, and I saw Demetrios. It was open late on Saturday, so we just decided to stop by. Their dresses are beautiful, but quite embellished. The salon was gorgeous, though. Very different than Clarice's - bright, big, not crowded, etc. The gal helping me (Nicole, I believe), was very nice. Unfortunately, they didn't have any simple dresses I liked.
This Thursday, my sister and I are going to Bridal Connections in Florissant. We know a few girls who got their dresses there. Saturday, February 9th is the big "wedding dress shopping extravaganza" (as I now refer to it). I won't go to any more shops after this, except maybe 2 to make a final decision. We are going to: Amore, Maiden Voyage, Enchanted Bride, and Berrybridge. It's going to be an exhausting day!!

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Christie said...

I LOVE that bridesmaid dress! Do you know how versatile that is! Finally a dress they can wear over and over again!