Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sometimes I hate being a female. Tonight I started to almost cry over the silliest thing! I think it's a combination of hormones, stress, and being tired. I cry really easily when I'm stressed out. I just feel stupid crying over ridiculous things!

Parent-teacher conferences are next week - that's a BIG part of my stress. We have to have report cards done by Monday to give to our principal. While the snow days we've had were nice, we are behind on things, including testing the students in reading. Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday night. Two nights out of my week taken up - more stress! I have a wedding Saturday, so that's taking up time. On Friday (we get off due to being at work for over 12 hours Tuesday and Thursday) I have to pack to leave on vacation on Sunday. Stress again! I am not a light packer. It's a big ordeal for me - a long list, many hours of work...

Unfortunately, I can't make it to a game night with some friends on Saturday. It's our first one, so I am super bummed about missing it. I already have 2 Saturdays taken up in April (Engaged Encounter and a harp job), so I'm worried I won't be able to go again!

I cannot wait until my vacation. I seriously need some time to sleep and relax. Between two jobs (teaching and harp) and planning the wedding, I'm honestly surprised I'm not crying more!

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