Saturday, January 26, 2008


G&C Nights (Glazed and Confused) are so much fun! I love chatting with the ladies. It's nice to have a girls' night once a month! I'd go more often if I could think of enough things to paint! I picked up the reindeer ornament and house ornament I made last time. The house is my favorite! We're going to put a small wedding picture in the middle - so cute!


Jennifer said...

You know I just adore that little house! It turned out super cute :)

I'm with you...I could handle a girls night out alot more often. Maybe we should try getting together one other time every month. Maybe we could try a new resturant out each time...or something like that!

Aimee said...

Sounds great! :-) I sent you a pm about it on STLWed.