Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm really stressed out right now! My FI's parents are now interested in having a Chinese reception for us the weekend after our wedding. The problem is - I'm booked to play at a wedding. So, we have to find a time that will work. The problem with going during the week is that he will have to ask for time off. Right now, he needs to save all the vacation days he can, because we are hoping to take a long (2 weeks) honeymoon next March. We're going to work on it this weekend and see what we can figure out.

Also, there are virtually NO trunk shows in January or February. It seems like they're all late February/early March or even later. That's too late for me to order my dress for October 4. Dang it!

On to something funny. My sister and I are going to a cat show tomorrow. Somehow she found it online. So, we figured we'd see what it is like. Here's the website:

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