Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had our first meeting with our new coordinator at WOW (Windows On Washington) on Saturday morning. We took a look around at the different floors set up for receptions that night to get some ideas for the set up of tables, dance floor, etc.

Luckily, one reception had some white lanterns up so I was able to see how that looks at WOW. I currently have 12 red round lanterns I plan on putting up. I also have 6 small battery powered white lanterns. I think these will go on the cocktail table or the edges of the bar in place of candles. I have 6 or so round white lanterns I can hang up, but I won't be able to light them up. I'm thinking of buying a few large white lanterns to hang up, so I have 3 different sizes hanging. I also plan to buy something to light some of them (maybe half). Right now, the best thing I've found is an LED that lasts 12+ hours for about $3 each. I need something that lasts fairly long, because the lanterns will be hung by the staff well before the reception starts. I don't want the light burning out before the reception even starts!

Originally, I was planning on using the metal WOW candelabras for our centerpieces. That was before I bought some beautiful table runners from a gal.

We decided the big candelabras are too much with the pattern on the table runner, so we decided to go with the 3 floating candles.

I'm thinking of putting some black river rocks at the bottom of the vases. I tried to find a picture, but all the ones I found had flowers in the cases as well.

We set up our tasting for July. We will set up the final arrangement of tables, etc. at that time.

I still would love to have something like this on the escort card table. I just don't want to spend a ton of money on it!

I also plan on having a menu of specialty drinks with cute names. Any suggestions? Any ideas of where to look?


Jamie said...

I love the runners!!

I've also been thinking of a signature drink menu - but maybe just one drink...'something blue' made with that Hypnotic liquor...although I'm not sure how it tastes.

Anonymous said...

Love the runner!!

Mary said...

First of all, I love that pattern on the runners. I agree that the simpler candles will look better with them than candleabras.

We had specialty martinis at our reception. We decided to name them after places in Boca Grande, where we got engaged. So they were called things like "South Beach Peach" after the bar on the island, and the one Jason named for me is "There's Something About Mary." I know that most of our guests hadn't been to Boca, but it was a special time for us and that's what mattered. So my advice would be to keep it personal and name them after something special to you.

Aimee said...

Thanks ladies! :-)

Mary - what a great idea for the drinks! Shine took my to NYC and Niagara Falls for my "proposal trip." It would be cool to name some drinks with names something along those lines. Thanks for the idea! Now I want to start searching for some drinks that I can name!