Saturday, May 17, 2008

End of the school year

The school year is finally winding down to an end. We only have a few weeks left! The end of the school year is always crazy - lots going on.

This upcoming week is fairly eventful. On Tuesday, someone is coming to talk to 2nd grade about recycling. On Wednesday, I'm playing my harp for the 2nd grade classes. Friday is a half day for the students, but we have to attend meetings in the afternoon.

The next week is even crazier. We're off Monday, of course, for Memorial Day. We have our End of the Year Assembly to give students awards (art, music, PE, reading circle, attendance, etc.). The best part of the week will be Field Day. We get to go outside for 2 hours, and the kids get to go to different stations and play games and have popsicles. It's a lot of fun, but also very tiring!

The students' last day is June 2. Teachers have a Work Day the next day, though. It's hard to believe my students are almost ready for 3rd grade! Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that I met them for the first time. They have come so far, though, and made a lot of progress. I'm very proud of them!

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