Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Bunco details

I can't remember if I mentioned this in an earlier post or not. I'm hosting Bunco at my house this Thursday. Saturday, I found some really cute paper plates and cheap plastic trays to use. I would have loved to buy some nicer/sturdier trays, but I don't want to spend too much. {Speaking of serving trays - I do need to add some to our registry.}

I tried to find them on Target's website, but it was being a bit difficult. So, I took a picture of my purchases. The yellow napkins were from one of the dollar stores. The platters, bowls, and plates are from Target.

We have snacks and dessert during Bunco. I'm going to put out the crackers and cheeses, tortilla roll-ups, and the Chex mix for people to much on while others arrive. People tend to start arriving around 7:00, but we don't start playing until about 7:30. The grapes (frozen), M&Ms, and spice pecans will be in bowls on the 3 tables to munch on while we play. After we've finished the game, we'll have dessert - red velvet cupcakes and mocha cheesecake.

On the menu:

  • tortilla roll-ups (with sour cream, chiles, cream cheese - salsa on the side)

  • grapes (a healthy snack)

  • caramel Chex mix

  • cheese spread and crackers

  • cream cheese and red pepper jelly with crackers

  • spiced pecans

  • M&Ms

  • mocha cheesecake (a frozen dessert)

  • red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

I will try to remember to take photos, especially of the pecans (Cooking Light recipe), mocha cheesecake, and cupcakes.

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