Monday, December 22, 2008

Please consider donating...

We all know the economy isn't the greatest right now. Most of us don't have a ton of extra money just lying around. There are lots of children around the St. Louis area who are in need of some Christmas cheer. I watch Channel 5 (KSDK) every morning to view the news and/or the Today show. I kept seeing the advertisements for granting a Little Wish, but kept forgetting to check out the website.

I did this morning, and I'm glad I did! When the webpage for the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition finally came up (several links to click on before that), this message was on the front page:

There are nearly 3,500 Wishes left to grant in only 1 day. To ensure that every child receives at least one gift (instead of two), FACC is managing the campaign by prioritizing gifts on the website. After all first gifts are granted, a second batch of Little Wishes will be posted. Thank you for your generosity and helping us give our foster children a bright Holiday.

It made me very sad to see this message, that some children will not even have 1 gift to open right now. I cannot imagine this, as I have always had plenty of gifts on Christmas. It breaks my heart to think that some children will wake up with nothing under their tree (if they even have a tree) or maybe only 1 gift.

My husband and I have decided to not give each other gifts this year. We received so much for the wedding, that we kind of had Christmas a few months ago! We are getting each other a card, but that's it. So, we decided to grant 2 Little Wishes this morning. I hope that our gifts will put a smile on the children's faces on Christmas morning.

As I mentioned earlier, I know it's a hard time for our country right now. The gifts start at $30 gift card for children. When you think about it, $30 isn't that much. That's about 7 or so drinks from Starbucks. Or a few lunches out. Or a sweater that you wouldn't have thought twice about buying.

Please consider donating to this great cause and making a wish come true for a child (or children) this Christmas!



Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing, Aimee! We were looking to adopt-a-family for Christmas but never found a good organization in Chicago. This is the perfect site...I just did it online. Thanks!

Aimee said...

You're welcome, Stephanie! :-) I'm so happy you could help. It definitely is easy since you can donate online. Merry Christmas, and Happy New year!

Jennelle said...

Thanks for posting, Aimee! I've been meaning to do this, but I always forget when I get near a computer. We'll definitely be picking out a wish to grant today. :)