Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Donating food to cats and dogs

While reading a magazine recently (I think it was People), I read an article about a young girl. She saw how so many shelters need help getting enough food for all the animals. So, she started a website with trivia questions.

For each question you answer (only 1 per day), 10 pieces of food get donated to an animal shelter. The food is donated whether you get the answer right or not. There is a site with trivia questions for dogs and one for cats.

I thought I would pass along the link, as I know there are a lot of animal lovers out there. Today I noticed that you can even click to get a daily email reminder to answer the trivia question.

It will take less than a couple of minutes of your time each day, but will add up to help animals who don't have a loving home. Over 63.5 million pieces of dog food have been donated since April of this year, and over 39 million pieces of cat food have been donated since June of this year.

Cat site

Dog site

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