Sunday, September 28, 2008

What do you think of these?

Special tables numbers were on my list of things to do if I had time. I made up 2 examples.

Please be honest - what do you think?

Is the font ok? Is there too much on the "page" or is is just enough? I think I would glue them onto black cardstock so there's a little black border.


N. said...

I think they look great! The only thing I would change is... I'm not crazy about the 'Love in...' phrasing. Maybe try:
Love - French (or)
Love ~ Greek (or)
Love (French)
I don't know... just something a little more subtle. Or maybe it's the font... something a little scripty, but not as much as the actual word.
Just some ideas. But I love everything else about them!

Julia said...

I love them! I like N's idea of the phrasing, too. So excited for you, Aimee!

Karen and TJ - A New Life Together said...

I agree. They look great. I think there is just enough on the page without over-doing it. I think the Love ~ Greek is a good idea though.

cassi said...

I think they look great! They match your cocktail menu perfectly! Great job!

Juan & Katie said...

Love it!!

Lisa said...

I LOVE them!