Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Those already married - please help with my timeline for the photog!

This is a post for all those who have already gotten married.

My photog will be with us for 10 hours. The guys are going to take pictures at 12:30 before the 2:00 pm ceremony. If she didn't start until 12:30, the photog would be with us until 10:30, which she said is quite late.

I would kind of like to have her take some "getting ready" photos of us. I was wondering how long before the ceremony you thought I should allow for those kind of photos?

I was thinking maybe she could swing by my house (where we're getting ready) at 11:30, which would put her leaving the reception at 9:30, which is still a good amount of time.

Any thoughts or advice?


Donna said...

I will find my actual wedding day time line later today but we had our photographer for 12 hours so about the same amount of time. I believe I had her arrive at 9:30 at my mom's house where we were getting ready. I love all of those getting ready shots so I would definitely give yourself 1-2 hours for those photos. Hair and makeup started at 7:30 and we left at 11:30 so she wasn't there the whole time but she got the good stuff...all of the girls getting their hair done, putting our dresses on, etc. Hope that helps!

LC said...

My photographers were with us for 2 hours of getting ready in the morning. It depends on what you want them to photograph. Your makeup and hair getting done, or just you getting dressed. I think that you could do anything between 1 and 2 hours. The photographers finishing at 9:30 PM is perfect too!

Julia said...

I like the 11:30 to 9:30 deal. Your getting ready shots are TOO Much fun to pass up. I am a big fan of the 'end of the night' shots, too, but getting ready is a must.

Jamie said...

Okay, clearly I am not already married, but planning the same sort of thing...so that counts for something, right?! I would imagine if the photog showed up in time to get shots of you having your hair and makeup done, that would be fine. I mean there are only so many shots of the hair and makeup she can get, right? After getting a few of you, she could get some of your mom and the girls (not those girls - get your mind out of the gutter!) and then of you getting dressed!

Anonymous said...

I agree...you definately want some getting ready pictures...she can be there when your hair and make up will be done, but she doesn't have to stick there the whole time...once your dress is on, she can just go get guys pictures...

As long as she stays long enough to get the cake cutting and some of the dancing, you should be fine

I vote for the 11.30 to 9.30 as well