Sunday, September 21, 2008

Label lust

Oh how I wish I had unlimited funds for shopping! I recently received a J. Crew catalog in the mail. These are just a few of my favorite items.

The Lulu leather peep toes are such girly shoes! My favorites colors are tulip and dark cloud.

I really like the Silk tricotine Rebecca short dress. I think I would want it in all 5 colors.

The Owen Hobo purse. It's yours for only $395. Wow - for one purse!

For some reason, I have really been coveting winter coats in a variety of colors. I like both the Greta (the shorter coat with double buttons) and the Tulip (the longer, single-button coat). I would get the Greta in black, sea salt, and deep persimmon. I would get the Tulip in sea salt (my favorite), deep persimmon, Mediterranean blue, chocolate, and black. The coats are $330 and $365. They're so cute...wish they were MUCH cheaper!

Tartine cardigan - $88 (yikes!). I love the ruffles at the collar and the hem. If I had unlimited funds, I would order this in a lot of colors - black, chocolate, light pewter, snow, maize, and bright rhubarb.


Julia said...

Those shoes and the cardigan were on my lust list as well. Did you know the Rebecca dress is on their sale site? I stalk it regularly, go check it out.

Jennelle said...

I've never bought anything from J. Crew, but if everyone keeps showing me how wonderful it is, I may not be able to resist!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Yes, please, can you just put that in a box for me with a pretty bow on top. Much thanks! LOL. Those items are so lovely!

LucyinStLou said...

What cute stuff! I am trying to limit my shopping this season with limited success.