Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The joys of owning a home

I have hardly had much time to be online the past few days. We started working on things around the house on Friday. My house now looks like a disaster zone! I would take pictures, but I think it's too embarrassing! The master bedroom furniture is scattered in a few rooms, the downstairs bathroom fixtures and table are downstairs, there are various tarps/brushes/paint cans around, there is blue tape on some of the walls...

Friday, my parents came over, as well as my sister and her boyfriend, for a late lunch. After that, we went to Home Depot to get the paint for the master bedroom and a cream color to repaint a good part of the house. The house is about 10 years old, and we don't think parts of it had been painted since it was built. Friday evening, we painted the downstairs bedroom.

Saturday, the guys (dad and FI) worked on cleaning and taking the stain off the deck while my mom helped me out with a wedding. The guys also cleared out the master bedroom. Our new bedroom set is arriving next week. (Yeah!) Late that afternoon, we put the primer on the master bedroom walls. FI made us a yummy dinner of a couple of Asian fusion dishes - spaghetti (with some soy sauce in it, and pork and beef) and pesto (with macadamia nuts instead of pine nuts).

Sunday, my parents had to take care of some things around their house. FI and I painted the master bedroom. It took us quite a few hours to do each coat, and we had to let it sit 4 hours in between. We were so tired in between that we laid on the couches downstairs and watched Flipping Out. We didn't finish until about 9 pm. We had a light dinner of left overs because neither of us was going to cook!

My mom came over yesterday to help with some more painting. We painted the small hallway outside the downstairs bedroom and painted the downstairs bath. Boy, painting in small spaces is not easy! I had to do a few touch-ups after we bumped into areas that were already painted! She deep cleaned the master bedroom carpet while I finished up painting downstairs. We also got half the upstairs hallway painted. We ran out of paint, so that will have to be finished another time.

I had never painted a room before today. My parents' house was built by my great-grandfather, who was president of a lumber company. There is wood paneling in every room except bathrooms, kitchen, and downstairs. We weren't able to paint the walls or anything when we were younger. I had no clue who tiring and time consuming painting is! I've woken up the past several mornings with sore arms and legs, feeling like I exercised a ton!

FI obviously enjoyed it, too. Sunday, he said, "Are we going to have to do this again when we have a baby? Paint it's room?" I was talking about what color drapes we should get for our room. I mentioned white might be good, because then if we change our bedding, the white would still match. He wasn't listening very well and said, "Change? We're not changing the color!" I don't plan on changing the paint color, either! I am not repainting that room again!

I will post pics after we have the bedroom furniture.

We didn't look quite this bed (we didn't use such vibrant colors), but we did have a lot of paint on our hands, feet, arms, and clothes!


Julia said...

I can't believe you've never painted a room before! I'm glad you are settling in, take your time---it's overwhleming!

Sarah Danielle said...

I am glad to hear I am not the only bride to be obsessed with home decor! I hope your place turns out lovely!