Thursday, July 3, 2008

Aimee needs...

I saw this over at Small Things Considered and thought it would be funny to see what comes up. Basically, the premise is that you type in your first name and the word “needs” in the google search. What follows is hilariousness and fun…. or something like it.

Here are my top 10 favorites (not in the order they appeared on gooogle):

1. Aimee needs: more hours in the day (This it definitely the truth! Between heading back to school in 1.5 weeks, playing at weddings and meeting with brides, planning my own wedding, taking care of my house...)

2. (Princess) Aimee needs: to go potty (Well, I've been drinking a LOT of water while I'm off school, so this is pretty true! I think the most I drank is 100 oz. one day.)

3. Aimee needs: our help (Well, my mom and sister have been helping with wedding related projects...)

4. Aimee needs: a neti pot. (I have one, actually!)

5. Aimee needs: to have longer hair. (It's driving me nuts already. I don't need it longer!)

6. Aimee needs: a vacation. (So true! Yes, I was off of school for a few weeks, but I could use a vacation where I get to go away somewhere for a while and not worry about things!)

7. Aimee needs: to get her a$$ kicked or go home. (This apparently is a comment about a gal on the show "Bad Girls" on Oxygen. I don't think it applies to me!)

8. Aimee needs: new fairy wings. (Haha! That implies that I have old fairy wings!)

9. Aimee needs: to stand on a box the next time we take a photo. (Well, I am kind of short.)

10. Aimee needs: more wine. (You can never have too much of a good thing!)

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