Monday, March 16, 2009

Recommendations - capris, bermudas, etc.

I'm searching for some pants/shorts to wear on our trip to Europe in June. Capris would be good, or maybe long shorts.

I have several problems that make it VERY hard for me to find pants/shorts that fit:
  • I'm short, but petites sometimes don't fit quite right.
  • My waist is about 2 sizes (sometimes more depending on the fit of different brands) smaller than my hips. "Curvy" fits are better, but often the waist is still too big.
  • I'm short waisted, so I should technically wear fairly low rise pants. They tend to seem too low, though, and I don't like my underwear or extreme lower back showing when I bend over!
  • Bermuda shorts tend to be a little too long on me, but regular shorts often seem too short to me. (I have "thick" thighs and don't like them!)
Anyone out there have suggestions? I don't want to pay a lot, which is another party of the problem. Luckily, I think I do have a 20% coupon to Ann Taylor Loft until the end of this month. I also have a gift card to Macy's that I could use, as well as gift cards to Dillard's. I'm not sure what brand to even look for, though...


Anna said...

I'm off all week for spring break. If you want to go shopping and need a friend to come along and help, I'm more than willing!

LC said...

I bought a bunch of bermuda shorts last year at the Gap Outlet. There is one at the Mills mall. I also have a bunch of capris from Lerner NY.

Anonymous said...

If you plan on going inside any historic churches or other holy places, don't wear shorts at all and opt for long-ish skirts instead. Otherwise they won't let you in.

I have the same problem with shorts (short waist, big hips and thighs) so I can never find the right style for me. That's probably why I always tend to wear skirts and sundresses in the summer. In fact that's pretty much all I wore on our trip to Europe last fall. And cotton dresses means less clothing items to pack.

Trisha said...

I'm sorry that I don't have any advice for you!

I only shop at about two stores. Target and Cato. (I don't think you guys have Cato on "that" side of the river! ;) )

Jennelle said...

I have a hard time finding shorts/capris that I like, too. I've had good luck at NY & Co. in the past, though.

Karen - Lucky Me said...

I'd say skip the shorts/capris/bermudas. I've heard it said many times that people just really shouldn't wear shorts. If you're worried about being hot I would bring a couple of skirts or dresses. They take up hardly any room and are usually more comfortable anyway. Plus, you'll be stylish:) And the church comment is a very good point. I would just try to avoid shorts.