Monday, March 9, 2009

Good walking shoes? Recommendations?

My DH and I are going to Europe in June for our delayed honeymoon. I need to buy some good walking shoes to wear because we will be doing a LOT of walking. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Unfortunately, my poor toes cannot handle "thong" sandals. So, that kind of knocks out a fair amount of shoes. I was hoping to find something not quite as bulky as regular tennis shoes. Since I'm so short, even if I wear short socks that don't shoe, I look short and frumpy if I wear capris and regular tennis shoes. (And yes, I probably shouldn't care about that, but we're going to take pictures!)

I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to get good shoes that are not the cutest. Oh well...any help is appreciated. :-)


Jennelle said...

What about skimmers? They're sort of a cross between a ballet flat and a tennis shoe, so they have good support and are still stylish.

Beckie said...

Check out