Thursday, March 12, 2009


Money is on my mind a lot lately! We're doing fine and have a decent amount of savings, but I'm thinking ahead to the near future. Kids cost a LOT of money. Plus, DH will have to get a new car, because his 2-door isn't going to be too useful.

Oh, how I wish I could win the lottery. That would involve buying a lottery ticket, though. :-) I don't buy them because I know the chances of winning are so slim. So basically, I think of them as a waste of money.

Saving money is one reason I've really gotten into couponing. I read quite a few blogs about coupons/saving money, as well as blogs listing freebies. I've received quite a few freebies recently, including a sample of Tide, Aveeno night moisturizer, a Fiber One granola bar, Quaker mini rice cakes, and several others. I figure if people are giving stuff away for free, I'll take it! :-) I've also really gotten into seeing how much we can put into our ING savings account each month. The amount of interest paid has decreased lately, but it still pays way more than a checking account.

Wouldn't it be great to have a tree like this (with large amounts on the bills) in your backyard?


Stephanie said...

I should start using more coupons, I never do! I do online, but not in real-stores. You have inspired me!

Angie said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a money tree? I'm sure with this economy money is on everyone's minds. Thank goodness we both still have our jobs.

Trisha said...

Sign me up for one of those trees! ;)

Jennelle said...

I am right there with you. Matt and I have a lot of student loans, and those are only going to grow as we have to pay for his MBA. I love reading about ways to save money, but I also love entertaining and going out with friends... My loves don't always match up. :)

Aimee said...

Yeah, Stephanie! :-) Unfortunately, a lot of coupons are for not so healthy food items. However, there are still randomly coupons for Splenda, Egg Beaters, jarred fruit, etc. For us, it has definitely been worthwhile to purchase just the Sunday edition of the paper to get the coupons and ads.