Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Heart Europe

Europe (Paris, more specifically) is my favorite place in the world! I was lucky enough to study in France (Paris and St. Malo) for a month during high school. I turned 16 in France. The summer after high school (1998), I went on a trip to several different countries in Europe, one of them being France again. Then in college (Summer 2001) I studied in Paris for 6 weeks. I turned 21 in Paris. My family (mom, dad, and sis) met me in Paris and we traveled around Europe for 2 weeks.

I love the history of Europe. The food is amazing! It has been almost 6.5 years since I have been to France!

We have not decided on a honeymoon destination yet. Right now, we're thinking either Europe or Australia. While I definitely want to go to Australia, part of me is hoping for Europe. My fiance has never been to Europe at all. We will not being going on a honeymoon right after the wedding because I won't have enough time off then. We're thinking of going either in March 2009 or June/July 2009. That seems so far away!

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