Friday, March 23, 2012

Venus & Olay razor review

One of the awesome things I got in my Love VoxBox from Influenster was this Venus & Olay razor from Venus.

This razor was made especially for women, to adjust to curves and provide a smooth shave, even on those tricky areas like ankles and knees. (Ugh - it hurts when you nick yourself there!) Venus even made sure there is an ergonomic handle to provide great control so that you don't cut yourself, even when you're all soapy and wet! The Olay Moisture Bars are great for your skin. Petrolatum helps lock in moisture and Glycerin helps offer a glow. All you have to do is wet the bars to release the effects/lather.

I know this seems silly, but the first thing I loved about this was the packaging. Have you ever bought a razor (or something else in that awful hard plastic packaging) and it's SO hard to open? Even with a big pair of scissors, it's pretty hard to open some of those packages. And, it's dangerous! I'm pretty sure I've gotten cut by at least one sharp edge trying to open a razor package before. Anyway, this razor was so easy to open! The package is perforated (maybe not quite the right word) so that it breaks apart easily.

The cartridge was in a little container, and it was very easy to attach to the handle. The razor also comes with a shower hook so that you can just hang your razor on the wall of your shower. There are five blades, and the handle is comfortable to hold.

A few days after I got my Love VoxBox, I decided it was time to try the razor. It's been getting warm around here (well, the past couple days have been cooler), so I figured I'd better shave my legs! (Come on...who really shaves their legs frequently during the winter?!) I loved that I didn't have to lather up my legs to use the razor. There is an Olay Moisture Bar on the top and the bottom of the razor cartridge so that you don't have to use shaving cream or soap. (I hate when I try to lather up with body wash and half, or more, of it rinses off before I can shave that area!) After I showered and dried off, my legs were so smooth and soft. It was great! I would definitely say they were softer after using this razor than after using my regular razor.

This razor has just recently come to stores. It should retail for around $9-12, with refills costing approximately $15-$19.49. I certainly plan to get some next week on my weekly shopping trip. With spring and warmer weather coming up, this would be a great product to try!

* This product was sent to me compliments of Influenster for testing purposes.

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