Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Love VoxBox

My first VoxBox! I was lucky enough to receive the Love VoxBox. I haven't had a chance to try out everything yet, but the products look great!

I used the Truvia on my grapefruit afternoon snack today. It was delicious, and I was shocked how much was in the tiny packet. You know how sometimes other brands have little packets that are barely half full? This was quite full.

The Gillette Venus and Olay razor is great! It's so nice not to have to deal with shaving cream or trying to lather your legs with bodywash or conditioner. Plus, since it has Olay, it leaves your legs really nice and soft!

The Kiss nail product seems like a great idea. However, the patterns are way too wild for me. I received a pink leopard print. I honestly feel if I went out like that (being in my 30s with a 7.5 month old son), that I would look ridiculous. I would consider buying the product if it came in regular colors (not crazy bright) with no patterns.

I'm planning on trying the Stash Tea tomorrow and will probably add some Truvia into it. I like my tea a bit sweet. I *might* be nice and share the Ghiradelli chocolate bar with my husband. It is pretty big, and I'm trying to lose weight.

Thanks so much, Influenster, for selecting me to try some wonderful products! I hope I get selected again in the future!

* I received these products complimentary through the VoxBox program.

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Cheerful Homemaker said...

The pink leopard print would look great with a velour sweatsuit and some big hoop earrings! :)

PS -- You should post more often!