Thursday, October 2, 2008

Something old, something new...

I thought I would post about my Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. I cannot believe the wedding is so soon! It's really sinking in!

Something Old
  • my veil - I am wearing my mom's veil, which she bought in Belgium on a trip to Europe. It was also worn by my aunt Nancy, who is my godmother. The veil is cathedral length and is absolutely amazing!
  • hopefully my great-nana's brooch - My great-nana had a lot of extremely nice costume jewelry. One of them was a "diamond" brooch in kind of a star shape. I'm hoping that I will be able to pit in on my bouquet.
  • lace handkerchief - I might carry a lace handkerchief that I believe belonged to either my great-nana or my nana. My mom also carried it on her wedding day.
Something New
  • my dress - yep, that's an obvious on :-)
  • my shoes - both my church shoes (silver) and reception shoes (red) were purchased for the wedding.
  • hair comb - to wear at the reception

Something Borrowed
  • jewelry - I am SO excited about my beautiful jewelry! I picked it up today at Genovese, which is where we got my engagement ring and wedding band (a set) and FI's ring. I borrowed a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and a gorgeous diamond bracelet.
  • my veil - techincally, I'm borrowing it from my mom

Something Blue
  • dress label - I got a really cute dress label from the gartermaker.
  • blue ring - I'm not sure if I will be wearing a blue sapphire ring or a blue topaz ring, both of which I received from FI.

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Jamie said...

Ohhh...I can't believe its SO close!!!!! I picked out my diamonds from Genovese, great is it that they let you do that?! Best Wishes, Aimee!!!! I can't wait to see how everything turns out!